Brokerage platforms are tools or websites which are operated by few masterminds providing information about trading activities. In layman terms, it is a shop where you can go and pick securities of your choice or get recommendations from the experts. Brokerage platforms provide a great medium to invest in the market and earn & learn from the fluctuations and volatility. You might be thinking why are they called brokerage platforms? Well, brokerage is a well-known term associated with trading and that could be one of the reasons of the name! Here is how brokerage platforms are ultimate tool of modern world.
Provide live quotes of various assets: There are many short-term and long-term assets in the trading market which you can buy as per your requirement of funds and risk appetite. For instance, if you need your money in short span of time say, 3-6 months then you would go for emergency funds whereas if you can retain your portfolio for 6-12 months then short term assets are advisable for you. Brokerage platforms provide live quotes of various assets which means that you can pick and choose your portfolio on your own. If you are novice, you can learn about the trends before investing.
Market predictions: One interesting feature of brokerage platforms is that they employ numerous tools for market predictions and thus make trading easier and interesting. There are chances of increase in share price of a company in upcoming quarter whose earnings have been impressive until last quarter. This kind of prediction requires analysis of segmental profit which these platforms conduct for their clients. It ultimately helps you in making right trading decisions. With the help of individual settings and templates you can set a view for yourself.
Real time portfolio value: Few brokerage platforms provide you an option to embed your portfolio in their domain. In other words, if you hold investments outside this platform you can embed them under same shed for better tracking. Say you have an account on XYZ brokerage platform, but you have also invested in some mutual funds of HDFC & Franklin through some other sources. The investments made through XYZ can be tracked real time on this platform, but you can import the details from HDFC & franklin into XYZ for getting updates on market value of these funds.
Instant execution of deals: Time is a very sensitive factor in trading. Few hours here and there and you are at risk of losing thousands or even more! Hence, it is necessary to involve a platform which can understand this sensitivity and book a trade for you at a price you quote. This means that your brokerage platform allows instant long and short of deals and contribute towards strengthening your portfolio.
There are number of reliable platforms available out there, but you need to choose the one which can meet your trading expectations. It should allow you to book trades of any volume in all major financial markets at any point of time.

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